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What I Want To Do

February 27, 2023

I want to learn about ideas, and I want to use what I learn to create something new. I want to do research, to invent, to combine ideas, tear them apart, and create new ones of my own. I want to learn the ideas and innovations of those before me — I want to learn to think in the ways they did and in the ways they never did.

I want to learn about people — others, and myself. I want to learn the stories they tell, the lives they live, their hopes, their fears, their dreams, the long journey from which they have come and the longer journey they have yet to go — and I hope to better understand those same things in my own life.

I want to live in a big world — a world full of opportunity, possibility, and wonder. I want to marvel at the human existence as a whole, and I want to be inspired by each of our individual lived existences. I want to experience and understand all that there is in this world, through my own life and through the lives I will never live.

Above all, I want to love — I want to be in love with ideas, with people, with this world, with this wild existence, and with wherever this journey will take me.